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Western Section AUA Recipient- November 2013 Outstanding Service Award

Maximize Your Urology Practice

Dedicated to Maximizing Your Practice

With over 29 years of Medical experience, Amani has provided practice management consulting to hundreds of clients in the medical specialties areas of Urology, Dermatology, Oncology, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery.

Her focus is Urology. Dedicating over a decade to Urology practice management consulting she works closely with Urology Societies and their premier Consulting Group, Physician Reimbursement Systems.

She coordinates the Western Section AUA Practice Management Forum and provides lectures on Niche Marketing and Practice Growth strategies for new and established practices.

Business Development

In this highly competitive environment it is vital to use all the resources available to your practice. Learn how to be proactive and maximize your opportunities and your resources! Optimize practice efficiencies and overhead.

Practice Identity

You are your Urology Practice. How you create your practice identity will ensure your practice success.

Urology Website Development 

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing-Do you have an area in your specialty that you enjoy practicing the most? Make this your niche and create greater career satisfaction and build referrals in your community as the expert.

Staff Training

Your staff is a reflection of you. Did you know the telephone is the lifeline to the practice?


Are you abreast of the constantly changing reimbursement rates and regulations?

Accurate Medicare compliance coding and documentation are critical to your practice success.


Seminars and Consulting services to fit your needs: